DR WiFi Cassette Size 14″X17″ FPD 300 X Ray Films Processingin 1 hour


Digital WiFi Cassette 14”X17” Flat Panel Detector for DR Digital X Ray Film Processing of 300 film in one hour, This unit is a free maintenance type and will have 2 Lithium batteries and charger with 2 years full warranty.


Digital (FPD) Panel Detector DR Wi-Fi Wireless Cassette Detector 1417V3 Processing the X-Ray images of old X-Ray Systems into Digital X-Ray images in Dicom format While the CR whether the CR scanner type or the dev/fix solution of the old CR type can proceed with a single Exam in 2 min at least The DR or Cassette Detector can proceed with more than 5 X-ray exams in a minute which is 300 Exams in one hour Very high image quality, maintenance-free, easy to use, support all types of dicom format and PACS networks, Panel material protected against shocks, zero errors, online upgrading to the latest software version remotely from time to time, online respond remotely to any service call

1 review for DR WiFi Cassette Size 14″X17″ FPD 300 X Ray Films Processingin 1 hour

  1. Hossam Zidan

    How you can convert your Analog X-Ray System to Digital One without changing your X-Ray ???
    iRay Technology Mars1417V (Wireless Digital Flat Panel Detector) has:
    – Better image quality with lower Dose.
    – Increased reliability with more sensitivity.
    – Easy installation and shareable between diverse X-Ray Systems.

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